Building Soulful Organizations – Montréal 2015

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Building Soulful Organizations – Montréal 2015

June 10, 2015 @ 9:30 am - 5:30 pm

Liberate the highest potential of your organization

Join George Pór, – Wednesday, 10 June, 2105, Montreal – a leading practitioner in the work of creating high performing organizations. He is making a rare visit to Montréal, from Europe, where he is working with the Future Considerations team and with Frederic Laloux / Reinventing Organizations, the author of Reinventing Organizations, on developing an organizational prototyping workshop based on the book, which they will open source.


Three breakthroughs that take you beyond command-and-control

clt_pic7Recent research (Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux, 2014) shows: organizations that achieve three breakthroughs are changing the game of “strategic advantage”. Those breakthroughs are:

  • Purpose pulled by evolutionary potential.
  • Self-management by coordination from below.
  • Mindful and soulful workplaces that invite the best of each person to play.

Taken together, those three form an emerging trend in organizational innovation recently reported in Financial Times and Forbes. Organizational structures and processes inspired by them are popping up in business, civil society and even in the public sector.

What’s common in Zappos, one of the largest online shoe and clothing shop, the CIO of Washington State in the US, and Buurtzorg, the Dutch neighborhood nursing organization? They all are pioneering changes inspired by the next stage of consciousness needed to meet increasingly complex challenges.


Is this workshop for you?

Do you want to work in or with organizations where talent blooms and people’s callings are honored? Where members care for each other as much as for the results of their collaboration? Such organizations do exist and their numbers are slowly but surely growing. It is a movement, as natural as the movement of your body in the morning, as you wake up and slowly stretch limbs.

Do you want to be part of the waking up of the workplaces to realize the full potential of people who invest there a great part of their life? Do you want to gain new perspectives and competences for making a lasting difference for the organization that you’re working with? If you feel a resounding “YES” in your heart to any of the above, then come and join other change champions in this uniquely transformative workshop.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Embodying the 3 breakthroughs in your life
  • Making “employee engagement” problems passé
  • Differentiating stages in the evolution of organization design
  • Initiating self-management, regardless of your role in the organizations
  • Cultivating the junction where consciousness and self-management meet
  • Making decisions without hierarchy and consensus, the self-organizing way
  • Managing complexity, by leading from the next stage of human consciousness
  • Inspiring authentic relationships, mindfulness & trust at work, which makes life more rewarding for all

The workshop will combine hands-on group exercises, teaching, videos, and collective intelligence practices with methods inspired by Reinventing Organizations, the best-selling management book that started this revolution. Two more things. You will have a chance to network with and join fellow change makers in a peer-to-peer learning community. You will also have a chance to get access to become a facilitator of an open source version of this workshop, complete with a Facilitator’s Guide.


Keys to the success of soulful, self-managing organizations:

Liberating previously unavailable energies

  • Individual energies are boosted when people identify with a purpose greater than themselves.
  • Self-management creates great motivation, energy and provides a strong incentive for continuous learning.
  • The fluid arrangement of roles (instead of predefined job descriptions) also allows for a better matching of talent with roles.
  • Less time and energy goes into trying to please a boss, elbowing rivals for a promotion, defending silos, fighting turf battles, trying to be right and look good, blaming problems on others, and so on.
  • Less energy wasted in meetings.
Harnessing and directing energy with more clarity and wisdom
  • Through better sensing: Information doesn’t get lost or filtered on its way up the hierarchy before it reaches a decision maker.
  • Through better decision-making: The right people make decisions at the right level with the input from relevant and knowledgeable colleagues. Decisions are informed not only by the rational mind, but also by the wisdom of emotions, intuition, and aesthetics.
  • Through timely decision-making: As the saying goes, when a fisherman senses a fish in a particular spot, by the time his boss gives his approval to cast the fly, the fish has long moved on.
  • Through alignment with evolutionary purpose: If we believe that an organization has its own sense of direction, its own evolutionary purpose, then people who align their decisions with that purpose will sail with the wind of evolution at their back


Pre-requisites to participation

1. Read the blog and watch a 7-minute video linked from there, where Frederic Laloux is introducing the key findings of his research.
2. Read one of key structures and practices listed in the short index of the Reinventing Organizations book (right after its Table of Contents), which is particularly important to you.
3. Send the facilitator your reflections on the anticipated challenge of reinventing the structure or practice that you’ve chosen.


Workshop facilitator: George Pór

George PórGeorge is a Fellow at Future Considerations (London). His academic posts included: Management Center Innsbruck, INSEAD, London School of Economics, University of Amsterdam, California Institute of Integral Studies, UC Berkeley, and Université de Paris. He is a researcher in collective intelligence, and strategic learning partner to visionary change makers in business, government, and civil society. He advises them in matters of radical business and organizational innovation & resilience, and developing competences in shared, inter-subjective mindfulness. His clients include: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, EU Commission, Ford Motor, Greenpeace, Intel, UN, World Wildlife Foundation. George is also the author of the forthcoming book Conversing with the Soul of the Organization. George can be reached at george (at) FutureConsiderations (dot) com.



Workshop will be in English, and Q&A will be bilingual. Register early, and get the early bird rate (places are limited). Also, you could save by registering 3 people, or more.

You can pay for your course below with your credit card. If you prefer, contact Jean-Luc at 819-640-6494, or to arrange payment by credit card, cheque or direct deposit over the phone.


Organized by Mycélium in partnership with The Next Edge Festival 2015, and la Direction du développement durable HEC.



June 10, 2015
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
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HEC (Édifice Côte-Sainte-Catherine)
3000 chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, QC H3T 2A7 Canada
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