Our organization

Mycelium is a nonprofit organization created in 2014 in the province of Quebec.

We wish to bring humanity profoundly close to nature, which is why the vision that drives us is “”a culture rooted in nature”“. To achieve this vision, we have set for ourselves the mission to “”create opportunities to spread solutions inspired by nature.”

We also work with exceptional people and organizations that form part of this emerging ecosystem dedicated to creating a positive impact locally and on society.

Mycelium also coordinates one of the largest permaculture conferences in North America, The Convergence.

Mycelium is an accelerator, a culture hacker, and a bridge between the demand for change and the solutions.

Mycelium in nature

In nature, mycelium is the subterranean part of mushrooms; it’s where all life is located. It is an underground network that connects the roots of plants and trees and distributes nutrients and information to sustain the health of the entire ecosystem.

Like mycelium, we wish to:

  • Have a vital role in our ecosystem, by enhancing life;
  • Have great distributing power in our community; and
  • Promote diversity and resilience in our ecosystem.

Our Team

    ALEXANDRE GILBERTCo-founder and Secretary
      ISABELLE LEMAIRECo-founder and President
        JEAN-LUC HENRYCo-founder and Director
          JEAN-PHILIPPE LAFORTUNEWeb Projects Manager
            KRISTEL DE KNIBBERProject Manager
            • KRISTEL DE KNIBBER
              KRISTEL DE KNIBBERAdministrative Assistant & Project Manager
              • PHILIPPE CHOINIÈRE
                PHILIPPE CHOINIÈRETreasurer
                • PIERRE ROBICHAUD
                  PIERRE ROBICHAUDProject Manager

                  Our Partners

                  A big Thank You

                  For various reasons, they have played a vital role in the birth of Mycelium. A great big thank you to Celine Caron, Stefan Sobkowiak and Yves Otis.